Causey Wear (CW) is a socially-responsible, integrated marketing, event planning, and product development company. We plan and implement cause and civil interest programs and gatherings, design innovative “civil dialogue” style apparel, accessories, and mobile platforms for intentional and unintentional: movements, advocacy, protest, rallies, social “change agent” get-togethers, and individual self-expression.
CW’s cause-interest products and platforms offer daily reminders, increase awareness, and real teachable moments through acts of wear and mobile applications. We want to fuel contagious conversations and engagements that increase empathy, connects human interactions, makes a statement of the kind of world you want to live in, shape and reshape your experiences and perceptions, increase organizational awareness and support, impact and alter the future, and humanize conditions.
Coupled with sound strategies to advance goodwill, this “consciousness” permeates through everything CW does—inviting society to stand up for its beliefs and to champion causes. We allow you to talk the talk and walk the walk, while you live your conviction out loud.